Thursday, 1 February 2018

Teacher Goals 2018

My Goals for 2018

* Design a more functional class website that is appealing to students and easy for them to navigate. Have it ready to use by week 2 of Term 1. 
* Complete my BT folder by week 7 Term 1. 
* Become fully registered. 
* Blog more frequently both professionally and on the class blog. 
* Make my blog's more concise and informative. 
* Use the Learn/Create/Share model a lot more in my teaching by uploading lesson plans to the class site and having more lesson content that can be accessible and interacted with by students online. Share the students work to create better visibility of my learners work online. 
* Become more involved in school events and take on more responsibilities.  
* Coach a school sports team.
* Keep more abreast of important deadlines such as writing reports. 
* Schedule my testing into my longterm plan.  
* Find a good balance of my time allocation when teaching between all my students - regardless of their levels of ability. 
* Enjoy my teaching and my interactions with my students. 
* Celebrate students success both in class and via blogging. 

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