Friday, 15 December 2017

2017 Teaching Reflection

My Reflections on 2017

The year started more chaotically than I would have liked. Not only was I starting teaching at a new school, but I had gotten married 3 days before the start of Term 1. 😲 There was a lot to get my head around in Term 1 (as there always is when starting at a new school,) so this put me at a slight disadvantage in terms of how I would like to begin the schooling year. The first few weeks with a new class are incredibly important and I felt that I would have done a lot better job with forming my classroom culture and systems if I wasn't learning the ropes myself. That said I got great assistance and managed to have my class operating as I would like by halfway through the Term.

I had a challenging but rewarding group of learners in 2017 who required a lot of targeted attention both in terms of learning and behavior. Once I had a full understanding of their background and needs I felt I rose to the challenge. I managed to form a positive learning environment and good relationships with all my students and their Whanau. There are things I would definitely do differently next year but generally I was happy with my approach as a teacher and how it reflected on my learners. PB4L was a huge part of my teaching approach and was the integral reason why many of my students were able to flourish. My students loved being in Room 5 and I know they found it a fun and safe learning environment.

The Learn/Create/Share model of teaching and learning was something I struggled to stay on top of this year. I felt that having to learn all this during the course of the year meant I got off to bad start and I regretted how I had designed things like my class site as the year went on. I also found it challenging having a class who were so young and inexperienced digitally when there is such a focus of online content. I know that this area of my teaching will be much better next year as I have learnt a great deal in terms of systems and will start the year much better when I redesign my class site.
Testing and reports became more manageable as the year went on but I do want to become more organised in this area next year.

Overall I really enjoyed teaching at Tamaki Primary in 2017. My class and colleagues were all lovely and I feel like I am in the right environment to flourish as a teacher.