Monday, 31 July 2017

Digital Fluency Intensive Week 1

Digital Fluency Intensive 

An intense but very beneficial first week!

Digital Fluency Intensive Week 1: 28th July

A great first session with Dorothy Burt at the digital intensive workshop. I learnt a huge amount. This is definitely an area where I have plenty to learn. Here is some of what we focused on in week 1.

The Origins of Manaiakalani:

I loved getting to know a bit more about Manaiakalani. Here are a few things that I learnt about the origins of Manaiakalani:
  • The name Manaiakalani is taken from the name given to Maui's fish hook - the tool used for the biggest fishing project ever. It is therefore a very apt name for such an ambitious teaching project.
  • The main focuses were on empowering learners, improving their schooling experience and results and embracing the digital age.
  • I didn't know my principal was one of the original founders.
  • I did not know that if a child was enrolled in a Manaiakalani school over a period of 3 years that their rate of progress in Writing was twice that of what was expected nationally. This means that these students on average made an extra year’s progress above the expected rate per year.
    Here are some of the cluster's aims in more detail.
  • Motivate our learners  to engage with the curriculum
  • Provide a model for 21st century teaching and learning
  • Work with learners to establish an authentic audience for their learning
  • Empower our learners with an evidence-based belief that their personal voice is valuable and powerful
  • Raise achievement outcomes
Google Tools:

We also learnt about some new Google tools. Some of the best Google tools that we worked with throughout today were:
  • Google basics - Google files/sites saving. I had knowledge of some of the processes already but some of it taught me that I had been doing things the hard/ long way for quite some time.
  • 'Google Saves', 'Google Drive', 'Google Docs', 'Add Ons' and 'Blogger'. This gave me a greater insight into specific Google tools and offered a lot of clarification for me. I'm hoping that my confidence will build quickly from here.
  • Also got a lot through designing the poster.
I have already taught my students some of the tools that I was taught in week 1....

These 3 links are well worth a watch and each for very different reasons too.......

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  1. Welby Ings is a great orator. I have heard him speak at one of the PLDs and he was pretty amazing. He talked about creativity and how teachers could unleash creativity among students.